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Just wanted to say thanks again!! I love how straight up you are anyhow helpful and giving you are. I'm so excited to take on the lash world with you always right beside me.

Alissa Aleman

Lash Artist

Hakim Gonzalez

Barber / Lash Artist

I had been in the beauty industry for twice as long as Ashley and felt I was ok. But my business definitely needed help, it wasn't until I started working with her that I saw how much less I could work and still make more money. Best use of my time and money has been investing in her training(s).

After being in the industry and a small business owner for much longer than Ashley, I thought was doing okay. It wasn't until I started working with her that I realized my business needed a LOT of work. Best decision of my career was investing in her training(s).

Hakim Gonzalez

Barber / Lash Artist

...Very detailed and easy to comprehend. Thank you so much for teaching us your knowledge and helping guys grow within this industry. What really helped was the little details you say... you made me realize that I'm not the only one... Thank you, looking forward to continue learning from you!

-from an anonymous student evaluation from 

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My handsome husband and I talk all things beauty business. Both Hakim and I have a combined experience of over 20 years in the industry. We have owned salons, barbershops and worked in a number of environments that has allowed us to grow as professionals over the years.

Our goal with this podcast is to offer a safe space for artists, stylist, salon owners and aspiring retailers to be able to learn from our experiences and from the lessons our guests share with us too.

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