$2,991.00 USD

Educator's Essentials

The comprehensive training for aspiring and struggling Trainers.

This program is for you if you have a skill or gift that you KNOW would help someone but you just haven't figured out how to package it so people will purchase it, or maybe you have it built but you need help EXPLAINING how it will change their lives.

What you can expect:

  • Gain clarity on what a QUALITY course should include, 
  • Become the CONFIDENT person who isn't afraid to promote 
  • Create CONTENT that builds demand and authority.
  • Design a CURRICULUM that will transform your students lives.
  • Learn to CONVERT on social media, your website & calls.

In a saturated industry of an "everyone wants to be a trainer" market, this 6 month program will help you create the course that your students will LOVE!

Learn to stand out without ever worrying about FOLLOWERS, LIKES or VIRAL VIDEOS.


What People Are Saying:

"BEST INVESTMENT I MADE", I loved spending my evenings learning about marketing my business and how to promote my course, I hope to one day have my brain work like hers! But until then, I cherish the time I got to work with Ashley

Ashley C

Before EE, I was so shy and could never imagine myself selling a training for the price I paid when I started, let alone charge TRIPLE what my first class costed and teach a GROUP of students at a time. I have only been doing lashes for about a year and Ashley helped me see what value I had to offer, giving me the confidence to talk about and sell my training to others eager to learn.