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How I turned my Side Hustle into a Success Story.

Ashley Gonzalez

Hey girl HEY! I am Ashley Gonzalez.

Founder of Beautyliscious

Lash Salon & Academy


This is my Story.

I come from a very mixed background on all levels, probably similar to you as well. While some of my relatives are very successful in their careers, most are in the public sector working 8-5, Monday through Friday government jobs that give them a sense of stability, if you will. This is what my family considers to be the "American Dream", safety in consistency and even though they do not make heaps of money, they are content with it because at least they don't worry where their next meal is coming from. 

Growing up with a family who supports traditional education like college and university, I really didn't have a choice in what career path I was to take. Of course, they encouraged me to follow my dreams but with an emphasis of their personal beliefs as well. 

For a long time I tried to follow in their foot steps, I made the best of it and excelled at every job I had. If you knew me when I worked at the Dept of Motor Vehicles, you would have never heard me complain. I got up everyday and did my duties with a smile on my face, but at the end of the day, I was not truly happy. 

My husband was a barber and owned a barbershop for several years. Although I had been doing makeup as a freelance artist, traveling to peoples houses to glam them up, I never imagined myself doing that as a full time career. It was just to pass the time, make some extra cash and gave me a purpose outside of being a mom, wife and student.

Eventually, working under a toxic boss in a field that felt like a dead end to me, my husband saw that I was unhappy. He suggested that I take a leap of faith in my 'side job" and enroll in beauty school, esthetician program is only 4 months long if you go full time. I would be finished before my pregnancy with my second daughter was even up.


It's crazy because even while I was in beauty school, I still didn't really believe that this was real. I continued to have the mentality that this was all just to fuel my passion project of doing makeup and it would be a way for me to fund my college career in order to become a professor someday... you know like a real job, that my family could be proud of.

Little did I know, I would find my true passion in not only making women feel beautiful but connecting with amazing clients whom I likely would have never met. Everyday was and still is so exciting and rewarding. Although I did enjoy what I was doing I the beauty industry, the truth is that I was not really bringing in much money when I was filling my instagram with boring "Before and After" photos and up close photos of my work... I could not understand why despite my efforts, I was not as busy as some others who started after me!

I realized after several years that running a SUCCESSFUL business takes more than cute photos and a lot of followers on social media. It didn't matter how skilled I was, if I didn't know how to target my ideal clients, properly market my business and sell my services to interested potential clients. This is probably thee most important information that I have gained over the years and it IS NOT included in my beauty school curriculum! These are skills that are nowhere to be found in any lash or makeup course I have ever taken, unfortunately.

Once I recognized that these types of skill sets must be learned just like all of my others, I began to take every sales/marketing course I could get my hands on! It was scary at first, but when I began to really invest in the business, my efforts were always matched by 10 times the reward! I am literally addicted to learning and growing in my business to the point it is almost an illness (if you ask my husband haha).

Now, my business not only allows me to live the life that I used to think was a fairytale, working less and earning more, but I am truly excited to show up every single day! It doesn't even feel like work anymore because what I am doing is more like a gift, for myself and to those I get to help!

Now that I am in a financial position that allows me to not only help others in ways that I didn't have access to, I also want to show people that they CAN achieve what I have and much more! I am a regular person, with real issues and I do not come from fortune or even access to anyone who has done what I had in my immediate circle.

If I can pave the way for you, you are only a few steps away from doing the same for yourself and others if you wish.

Let's get YOU started on your path to freedom and fulfillment! Feel free to browse my freebies and low cost courses if you are still hesitant to invest in your business to the full extent. I am sure than even my most inexpensive courses will provide you soooo much value, you too will be addicted to learning when you see the results after implementation! 

Whatever you do, just start! Wherever you can afford to, just do NOT waste another day doing the same things you have been that are continuing to get you right back where you started.

Trust me, while you are busy hesitating... someone else is signing up to 10x their income and your only regret will be not starting sooner.